Countrywide Bullfinch Mix 20kg

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-------------------- Bullfinch -------------------- 20Kgcomplementary Feeding Stuff For Birds. Feed As Required. Ensure That Birds Have Access To Fresh Clean Drinking Wateringredients:Canary Seed, Beyers Heathseed Mix, (Carrot, Radish, Cress, Spinich,Turnip, Onion, Blue Maw, Rape, Perilla Brown, Red And White Millet,Nigerseed), Naked Oats, White Millet, Safflower, Black Rape, Grass Seeds,Linseed, Nigerseed, Red Millet, Perilla White, Teazle (Large), Rowan Barries,Perilla Brown, Cod Liver Oil.

RRP: £35.85

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