Vitakraft Budgie Food

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MenĂ¼ Is Our Classic Food For Meeting The Basic Nutritional Requirements Of Budgerigars. This Time-Tested Vital Feed Has Been Popular For Generations And Includes A Balanced Blend Of Selected, Sun-Ripened Cereals And Seeds Including Oat Groats, Different Types Of Millet And Protein-Rich Canary Grass Seed. In Addition To All Key Nutrients, MenĂ¼ Also Contains Vita Pellet To Strengthen Natural Defences And Iodine For A Healthy Thyroid. Plus Iodine Vital Complex: With Nutrients, Iodine And Vital Pellets With Beta Glucans, Blend Of Cereals And Seeds, With Honey And Cod-Liver Oil, Sugar-Free Recipe, Contains No Colouring, Contains No Preservatives, Special Packaging For Aromatic Freshness

RRP: £2.40

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