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We stock a range of kennels and crates for use indoor or outdoors as well as barrier doors and gates to help contain dogs.

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Dog Park 2 Spare Panel & Pin

RRP £16.84 inc vat

Animal Pen - 1 Door Panel & 1 Side Panel

RRP £135.83 inc vat

1600hx800 'u' Door Panel+side Panel

RRP £156.88 inc vat

Pet House

RRP £60.99 inc vat

Dogit Wire Home 2 Door Black

RRP £85.99 inc vat

Flat Pack Shiplap Dog Kennel

RRP £85.20 inc vat

Mikki Two Door Crate

RRP £132.99 inc vat

Rac Metal Fold Flat Crate With Plastic Tray

RRP £34.99 inc vat

Options Two Door Dog / pup Home

RRP £74.99 inc vat

Dog Barrier Door

RRP £87.39 inc vat

Dog Résidence Zinc Plated

RRP £52.11 inc vat

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